Why Is Fluoride Varnish So Important for Your Teeth?

Why Is Fluoride Varnish So Important for Your Teeth?

Fluoride treatment is essential for the development of strong and healthy teeth. It helps in making your teeth stronger and reducing the chances of cavities developing. The enamel is an integral part of your teeth. It is the outer layer which is usually glossy in appearance. The enamel prevents your teeth from decay and also keeps it strong to be able to grind and digest certain types of food. Most dentists usually recommend fluoride treatments when they detect the severity of certain dental conditions.

Fluoride is a mineral available in various products meant for dental care. The amount usually varies in these products. You will find those that have it in high content and others in minimal amounts. The toothpaste you use to brush your teeth on a regular basis contains fluoride in small quantities. You will find it in other products like fluoride varnish. Fluoride varnish is a product used for treating your teeth.

It contains high levels of fluoride that is applied to the surface of your teeth. Fluoride varnish treatment should be carried out by a dentist because they are familiar with the right amounts for your treatment. They can also recommend and advise you how to use it by yourself. Brushing it on your teeth using a soft brush is another way of using it. Using fluoride varnish comes with its set of benefits. They include:

Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one condition you may experience if you fail to take proper care of your teeth. Failing to brush or observe other dental care procedures creates room for bacteria on your teeth. They will weaken your enamel as a result. Plaque that forms on your teeth is responsible for tooth decay. You might even lose your teeth in the process. Fluoride varnish treatment is essential during such a situation in that it helps make your enamel stronger, therefore, reducing the chances of tooth decay from occurring.

Prevents Cavities

Cavities may also form on your teeth as a result of bacteria. They usually worsen when you consume sugary foods which the bacteria break down to produce acids that lead to wearing out. Cavities are the deep holes that form in your teeth and come about as a result of weakened enamel. Using fluoride varnish makes your teeth stronger and minimizes the chances of cavities forming on your teeth. Wonderful Dental offers some of the best fluoride varnish products for your treatment.

Stops Bacteria

Bacteria on your teeth exposes you to so many dangers. The chances of contracting gum infections are higher when this bacteria spreads deeper into your gums. This may result in their recession, and your teeth will be more exposed. You are also at high risk of experiencing tooth decay and the formation of cavities. Bacteria on your teeth usually come about when you fail to brush or observe other oral care procedures. Food particles that remain on your teeth harbor bacteria which expose you from a wide variety of dental and gum conditions. Fluoride varnish helps in getting rid of harmful bacteria that forms on your teeth, preventing other diseases in the process.

Improved Teeth Appearance

Fluoride varnish is essential in giving your teeth a whole new look. The appearance of your teeth is vital. It is what guarantees you the confidence to wear that beautiful smile and also interact with other people. There are so many procedures people undergo to restore the appearance of their teeth. Teeth whitening and alignment procedures are some that help to boost your looks. Fluoride varnish treatment is essential as it helps to give your teeth a white and glossy look. It is usually applied on the surface of your teeth to making your enamel strong, smooth, and shiny.

Precautions to Observe Before Using Fluoride Varnish for Your Treatment

Fluoride varnish can be administered by a dentist, or you can do the same by yourself. Different safety measures should be observed in such a scenario to make sure it works effectively, and there are minimal after-effects from its use. Here are some of them.

Using Quality Products

There are so many brands out there that sell fluoride varnish used for oral treatments. Not all of them have what is considered to be of the desired quality or offer the best treatment. Both dentists and patients who plan to use it should research to find out products that are ideal for such a procedure. Wonderful Dental has some of the best products for your fluoride treatment.

Seek Medical Advice

This applies to those who are planning to use fluoride varnish at home for their dental treatment. You should seek guidance from a dentist who will advise you how to go about its use. They will examine the state of your teeth before recommending the ideal concentration for your treatment. This is vital in ensuring you get quality results.

Understand the Side Effects

You should educate yourself of the after-effects that may be experienced from using fluoride varnish. Dentists are advised to take their patients through this and familiarize them with the product. Using it in excess may affect the state of your teeth in that they may stop developing as usual. Excessive fluoride can stain your teeth and leave your bones weak. Applying this product in the right amounts reduces the chances of such happening.

Do not Apply When Injured

Fluoride varnish application on injured gums or mouth can subject you to other severe conditions. Coming into contact with your blood through any opening might result in cardiovascular diseases. Those who have bleeding gums and mouth injuries should avoid using the product at all costs. You should inform your dentist in case of such.

Professional Application

Experts advise that you should let your fluoride varnish treatment carried out by a professional. Doing it by yourself may not give you the desired results, and you may even fail to do it as required. A dentist will examine the condition of your teeth first before deciding the right amount to use. They will also ensure everything is carried out correctly to guarantee you the desired results.

Post-Application Practices

These are things a patient should do after undergoing fluoride varnish treatment. Most dentists will advise you on what to do after such a scenario. Soft foods are usually recommended after the procedure because your enamel is generally sensitive. Grinding hard foods leaves it vulnerable to damage. You are also not supposed to eat or drink anything immediately after the procedure. Most dentists will give you an interval of about 30 minutes to an hour to start eating or drinking again.

 Staying clear from any fluoride supplements is another practice to observe after the procedure. This is because your teeth are already experiencing the effects of fluoride varnish treatment you have undergone. Using fluoride supplements subjects your teeth to more side effects. You can continue using those supplements three to four days after the procedure. Brushing your teeth on the same day is not advisable because they are still sensitive from the treatment. Toothpaste contains certain amounts of fluoride which is not essential after the procedure. You should go for fluoride varnish treatment to keep your teeth in an ideal state. 

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